• Question: How do I decide what university to go to if I am doing engineering

    Asked by anon-347705 on 13 Feb 2023.
    • Photo: Joel Goldstein

      Joel Goldstein answered on 13 Feb 2023:

      It is certainly difficult to decide which university go to (for any subject) as the choice is so large, but the truth is that you will probably have a great time and a great education wherever you go!

      Factors you should consider include:
      – location (where it is in the country, whether it is a city-centre or campus etc)
      – academic reputation (aim appropriately considering your likely A-level results)
      – strength and specialism of engineering faculty (do they offer courses and/or units in what you are most interested etc.)

      Note that this last point is very difficult to judge as a non-expert, and whatever you think your interests are now they may well change as you learn more. So flexibility is also a factor.