TOMORROW: Discuss the Standard Model with CERN scientists

Tuesday 10 October, 3.30pm to 4.30pm

The Standard Model is the best understanding we have about how three of the four fundamental forces governs the universe. But this theory is incomplete! Scientists at CERN are working to develop and research this theory.

Photo of a black mug with the CERN Standard Model formula written on it in white, like a chalk board.
The Standard Model formula mug

Tomorrow, drop in across the hour to meet the scientists working on this research. Find out what happens when they make a new discovery and when they find a flaw in the theory. Ask them the questions that interest you and deepen your understanding of the Standard Model.

⏩ Get ahead!

Ahead of the live Chat, take a look at the pre-reading material. This will give you an understanding of the Standard Model and the work going on at CERN:

See you tomorrow 👋🏻

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