Tuesday’s Chat: magic wands, super symmetry and the Standard Model

Last Tuesday, students discovered what CP violation is, with Joel’s excellent magic wand analogy, and deepened their understanding about how developing the Standard Model theory has changed our view of the universe.

9 scientists came along to the text-based, online Chat at 3.30pm. Aspiring physicists from a school in Kent logged in and asked the questions that interested them.

Emir Muhammad was taking part in the Chat yesterday!
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Emir is part of the LHCb team. LHCb is one of the biggest experiments of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. It is designed to explore what happened just after the Big Bang.

CP violation and magic wands!

Ruby had taken a look at the pre-reading material, but wanted to know more about CP violation. Take a look at Joel‘s excellent explanation.

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