A new accelerator at CERN?

On Tuesday 16 January, 26 students dropped into the live Chat to meet the scientists working on CERN research projects! Thanks to the scientists from LHCb, ISOLDE and Beam Team who came along.

Take a look at a few of our favourite moments

💎 Accelerating protons through crystals

ShakinthanaA and Dora had a great conversation about what happens when you accelerate protons through crystals?

🎓 Qualifications to work at CERN

It’s great to hear about all the different avenues you can take to work in experimental nuclear physics and organisations like CERN.

🦖🦍 Godzilla vs King Kong

Ok, so this isn’t strictly particle physics related but we enjoyed the conversation and the answer includes physics!

Couldn’t make the Chat but have a question for the CERN scientists?

Ask them here ❯

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