🎞️ ISOLDE Live Stream Video Tour

📅Next Chat: Tuesday 27 February 12.30pm to 1.30pm 📅

On Tuesday 27 February, we will discover what’s behind the doors of CERN with a live tour of the ISOLDE facility!

This is an exclusive chance to take a look at the facility of the team who is producing a large variety of radioactivity ion beams. 

You’ll get a view of the parts of the facility that can’t be accessed by members of the public!

Drop in from 12.30pm. Watch the video tour and ask your questions to the team members, like Liam. Get ahead by taking a look at the ISOLDE team page

Did you know? ISOLDE stands for Isotope mass Separator On-Line facility. Their most recent team update told us that the Solenoidal Spectrometer, where the radioactive isotopes are accelerated up to 10% of the speed of light, was having work done to it. Read more ❯

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