🎞️ TOMORROW: ISOLDE Live Video Tour

Tuesday 27 February, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Tomorrow, you can go behind the doors of CERN with a live tour of the ISOLDE facility.

This is an exclusive chance to take a look at the facility of the team who is producing a large variety of radioactivity ion beams. 

You’ll get a view of the parts of the facility that can’t be accessed by members of the public!

Meet the team:

A photo of Liam
  • Liam studies radioactive or unstable isotopes at CERN. He wants to measure the different shapes of the nucleus at the centre of atom, which helps us understand how protons and neutrons bind together. 
A photo of Patrick
  • Patrick studies nuclear structure. This is working out how protons and neutrons are arranged within atomic nuclei. He’s interested in the structure of radioactive nuclei. They’re very hard to study because they keep changing into other atoms!

Drop in from 12.30pm. Watch the video tour and ask your questions to the team members, like Liam. Get ahead by taking a look at the ISOLDE team page

Can’t stay the whole time? Not the worry, pop-in across the hour at a time that suits your timetable.

TOMORROW: Go to the Chat ❯
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