👋 It’s the final week of the CERN Zone 

It’s your final chance to ask the scientists at CERN your questions about working in nuclear physics.

These are some of our favourites so far: 

  1. When do you think the CMS project will be completed on a global scale? 
  2. How many proton collisions are there per second in the LHCb experiment?
  3. How do you predict your area of physics to progress over the next decade? 

Ask your question to a scientist from their profile or the Ask page (make sure you’re logged in!).

Share your feedback!

Answer a few questions about your experience in the CERN Zone by Friday 12 July.

What did you think of the CERN Zone? Which features did you use? Have you learnt anything new?

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You could be crowned the final Quiz winner!

Find the answers by exploring the teams’ profiles, scientists’ profiles and team updates.

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