• Question: do you get to travel the world?

    Asked by days468has on 13 Jul 2023. This question was also asked by case468has.
    • Photo: Joel Goldstein

      Joel Goldstein answered on 13 Jul 2023:

      Most particle physicists do travel a lot, largely as a result of participating in international experiments as part of international collaborations. Personally, I am based in the UK but travel frequently to Switzerland (mainly CERN) to work on my experiment and for meetings, and less often to other places for meetings with collaborators.
      There is also the opportunity to attend conferences in different locations, some of them quite exotic.
      The amount of travel is still appreciably less than it was before Covid though.

    • Photo: Vichayanun Wachirapusitanand

      Vichayanun Wachirapusitanand answered on 6 Sep 2023:

      For my case as a PhD student based in Bangkok, I don’t get to travel “the world” as in all the countries in the world. I would blame COVID for this personally, but in recent years I had several chances to travel to CERN in Geneva and work there for a short period of time. Like Joel explained earlier, we may also have chances to travel to other countries to join physics conferences and present our findings there. Before COVID I also joined a CMS-related conference hosted by my home institution as well, so I did not have to go abroad, but a lot of physicists from around the world joined and had a good time here as well.

      So, yeah, you might be able to travel to other countries either for work or for conferences, as well as be a host to other scientists in your home institution.

    • Photo: Kay Dewhurst

      Kay Dewhurst answered on 9 Oct 2023:

      Yes, I get to travel quite often. I did my PhD in Warrington at Daresbury Laboratory and during that time took a 3 month placement in Japan. I now live in Switzerland and work at CERN. I’ve attended workshops/conferences in Australia, Japan, Denmark and Canada. I’ve also been able to give talks and meet other scientists around the UK in Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford and Lancaster. Meeting new people and seeing new places is one of my favourite things about my job (although, I also like to come back home again to be with my family!)