• Question: What is your favourite part about being at CERN?

    Asked by anna_the_student on 6 Feb 2023.
    • Photo: Mary Richardson-Slipper

      Mary Richardson-Slipper answered on 6 Mar 2023:

      For me, it is getting to see all of the people I would normally speak to online and on Zoom! Our collaboration is over 1000 people and when you’re based at a university (for me, Edinburgh) most of the people I speak to are somewhere else. Now I’m based at CERN, it is great to attend seminars and meetings in person and chat about science with people from all over the world!

      Being at CERN you also get to go see the experiments, all of my friends are tour guides too so we get to go see lots of cool experiments too! (I couldn’t pick just one favourite thing!)

    • Photo: Jonathan Edward Davies

      Jonathan Edward Davies answered on 8 Mar 2023:

      I love living in Switzerland! I do a lot of traveling at weekends and it’s a beautiful country, particularly if you like hiking and skiing. I also love being part of a huge worldwide community- it’s nice to feel part of something bigger.