TOMORROW: Tour the Large Hadron Collider

Tuesday 14 November, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Tomorrow, you can go behind the doors of CERN with a live tour of the Large Hadron Collider beauty facility.

This is a one-off opportunity! Take a look at the most powerful particle accelerator ever built and get your questions answered by the team working at CERN.

Meet the team:

A photo of Jonathan
  • Jonathan, a PhD researcher at the University of Manchester, based at CERN. He’ll be at the LHCb facility showing you around.
A photo of Mary
  • Mary, a PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh. She’s based in Edinburgh and will be online to answer your questions.
A photo of Jenny
  • Jenny, a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford. She’ll be online answering your questions.

Take a look at their profiles, as well as the LHCb team profile ahead of the Chat to get a better understanding of what the team is working on at their facility.

Can’t stay the whole time? Not the worry, pop-in across the hour at a time that suits your timetable.

TOMORROW: Go to the Chat ❯
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