• Question: What kind of qualifications are needed to go into data analysis at CERN?

    Asked by PatrycjaG on 8 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Mary Richardson-Slipper

      Mary Richardson-Slipper answered on 8 Mar 2023:

      To get into analyzing the physics data from CERN experiments, you would need to do an undergraduate degree in Physics, and then do a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics. For me, I did an Integrated Masters at Manchester, which involved a final year project on particle physics, and now I am doing my PhD analyzing LHCb data.

      Most of the analysis of physics data is done by PhD students!

    • Photo: Jonathan Edward Davies

      Jonathan Edward Davies answered on 8 Mar 2023:

      Note that you don’t necessarily need a degree in Physics to do a PhD in Particle Physics- degrees in other similar subjects, particularly engineering or maybe computer science will also equip you with the way of thinking that academics will look for in potential PhD students. Just make sure you can show enthusiasm in the subject.