• Question: do astronomers do any work with their hands if you get what i mean. is any of their work practical or is it all computer based?

    Asked by anon-346838 on 17 Jan 2023.
    • Photo: Joel Goldstein

      Joel Goldstein answered on 17 Jan 2023:

      I don’t think there are any astronomers in this Zone, but I work closely with a number of them.
      Astronomy as a discipline covers a wide range of activities and skills, from instrument and mission design and development, through operations to observing. The design and development stage often involves a great deal of lab work, while observing these days is mainly data analysis on computers.
      Individual astronomers may well specialise in one type of activity, so there are definitely some who spend all their time on computers doing data analysis, while others spend considerable time in the lab building and testing new equipment.